'The music by Jesus Diaz immerse us in a place where land and sea, dream and reality, tend to collide and merge' Hollywood Reporter

'An immaculate score from Jesús Díaz, always unexpectedly, beginning as a barely perceptible part of the environment before coming to the uneasy fore' Filmmaker Magazine

'His core idea is the constant exploration and fusion of styles, which defines his musical liberty' Arte en la red

'Sublime music' Au coeur del horreur

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Jesús Díaz is a musician and soundtrack Composer for cinema, dance & TV based in Barcelona recognized internationally.

He designs and creates his own sounds, mixing and experimenting with different styles that go from Electronic, atmospheres until classic orchestration. Also, he produces songs (indie, rock, blues, etc...)

Making Music In Silence, his music production company dedicated to composition, Original soundtracks licensing & supervision